“Saludo A Los Haters Que Son Fieles!” – Nicky Jam Joins Jaden Smith On The Official “Icon” Remix


While Nicky Jam and Will Smith gear-up for an epic collaboration to produce the 2018 World Cup’s official song, there was yet another collaboration brewing with Smith Junior (Jaden Smith). The official remix of Jaden Smith’s summer hit song, “Icon” features Nicky Jam.

The duo hit the streets of Cartagena for the music video rapping in both English and Spanish respectively.

“I am not a Mayan, I’m a menace (menace)
It’s wild, you can lie like a professor
I don’t got the time to put you on the stretcher (stretcher)
I am here and I’m still flexing (flexing)
I am just an icon living
Start a record label, MSFTS just did it, woah
I’m Highsnob, cover five minutes, woah
We are so hot in the business (woo),” raps Jaden.

Followed by Nicky’s…”No le tengo miedo a ningún venenoso
He nacido con el todopoderoso (woo!)
Le metimos con un ritmo escandaloso
Ya no estamos en la calle ni ‘tamos vendiendo coso (Icon)
Suéltame el beat, lo destrozo
El dúo latino, so mentiroso
Pa’ to’s los envidiosos pa’ to’s los resentidos y rencorosos
Yo sé que en el fondo ustedes están muy orgullosos”

Earlier this year, Nicky Jam shared with Billboard that Will Smith was responsible for his collaboration Jaden.

The original “Icon” was included on Jaden’s 2017  SYRE album.

The Boston native Nicky Jam has been hinting on an English-language album for some time now, so expect more collabs and mainstream music from him in the months to come.





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