Ford Brings ‘Go Further’ and Auto and Mobility to Life with New FordHub Brand Experience Studio



  • Ford expands its “Go Further” brand vision with the launch
    today of its first-ever interactive brand experience studio –
    called FordHub – in New York City
  • FordHub, opening in Westfield World Trade Center, is part of
    Ford’s plan to create new ways to connect with consumers
    – some of whom never have done business with Ford before

Ford is expanding its efforts to connect with consumers – some who never have done business
with the company before – through the opening of its first-ever
FordHub interactive brand experience studio in New York City and
a new ad for Super Bowl LI.
FordHub, located in one of New York’s busiest transportation
centers – Westfield World Trade Center – is an interactive space
designed to show the public how Ford’s expansion to an auto and
a mobility company is helping change the way the world moves.
FordHub is designed to inspire visitors – whether they own or
intend to own a Ford vehicle or not – to think about the future of
transportation in an entirely new way by encouraging imagination
and dialogue.
“Ford was founded on the promise of providing affordable
transportation solutions to millions of customers, and this
commitment still drives us today,” said Stephen Odell, Ford
executive vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “As
we expand our business to be both an auto and mobility company,
we’re using new experiences like FordHub and our first Super Bowl
ad that talks about the future to explain what we mean when we
say ‘We Go Further so you can.’”
Opening today, FordHub invites consumers to join Ford to explore,
experiment and learn how the company is rethinking the future of
“Our first FordHub is a place designed to spark questions and
curiosity,” said Elena Ford, Ford vice president, Global Dealer and
Consumer Experience. “This isn’t a store or a dealer – it’s a place
for participation and creativity. We want people to have fun while
engaging in conversation about the future of transportation.”
Exhibits and activities address mobility.
As Ford is working with cities around the world to address
growing mobility challenges, the company welcomes visitors to
the FordHub to where they can get a glimpse at Ford’s vision
for solutions. Guests can explore a world map to see how nearterm
mobility advancements – including autonomous and electric
vehicles, ride-sharing, ride-hailing and connected vehicles – will
play a pivotal role in the City of Tomorrow.
FordHub also features a mobility map that tracks the pulse of New
York City – with a dashboard of real-time traffic information for
commuters, including trains, ferries and alerts.
Other experiences offer fun and intrigue. In Last Mile Challenge,
guests stand on wobbleboards and race through a futuristic world
using every mode of transportation – from autonomous cars to
e-bikes – earning tokens for each mobility decision they make.
Still other experiences provide entertainment. In Mustang over
Manhattan, guests use a virtual reality headset to build a Mustang
atop the Empire State Building, while their friends watch the build
come together on a digital screen.
FordGuides – experts not only on the space itself, but
knowledgeable about Ford vehicles and innovations – are
stationed throughout to answer questions and assist guests.
Dynamic space encourages new ideas.
As times change and innovations evolve, so, too, will FordHub. Over
time, Ford will collaborate with communities, thought leaders,
artists and others to introduce new interactive programs.
“We see this as an active, dynamic space, featuring innovations we
have today and others we are exploring for tomorrow,” said Elena
Ford. “We want consumers to join us and be part of creating the
world’s mobility solutions.”
Along with the FordHub opening, Ford is kicking off the Mobilize
New York Challenge – an innovation challenge designed to
stimulate new ideas and find ways to help New Yorkers get around
easier and faster. Offering more than $30,000 in cash prizes,
individuals are invited to submit proposals to solve the city’s
transportation challenges.
Super Bowl ad focuses on Ford’s auto and mobility future
Ford also today is revealing a new 90-second ad that – for the first
time ever – highlights near- and long-term mobility solutions it is
developing to help people Go Further in their daily lives.
The ad launches just before kickoff of Super Bowl LI on Sunday.
The spot showcases moments in which people have become
“stuck” in life. It then showcases Ford solutions – including selfdriving
vehicles and ride-sharing – to help people move freely
Digital extensions of the ad also debut at,
featuring in-depth stories of Ford people who Go Further every
day. Those featured include employees, dealers and partners who
create the vehicles, technologies and mobility solutions Ford is
working on today and tomorrow.
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