Los Latinos @ The 2016 Art Basel in Miami


The 2016 Art Basel season is in full swing and once again Latin American artists are shinning bright in the sunny city of Miami. But this year, the work of many of our most extraordinary Latino artists will stay on our walls way after the the last drop frozen of call-at-cab at WetWillies.

These masterpieces definitely define the individuality of our cultura through the ages, with a touch of modern. The artists aren’t just creating artwork that’s visually impactful to the trendy Basel goers, they’re creating work that defies personal or geographic borders without forgetting the traditions that colored their own world view, and collectors, museums, and gallery curators are all taking notice.

Latin American artists can be found throughout Art Basel at major galleries. Galerie Lelong represents the incredible work of the late, brutally unflinching late artist Ana Mendieta as well as the canvas contorting feminist Zilia Sanchez and the perceptive Alfredo Jaar. These artists could not be more different. yet the reaction to their work has been immediate and consistent.

Mexican GE Galería features 16 Cuban Artists in Primera Revancha. Curated by Omar-Pascual Castillo, Ariel Cabrera’s primal sensual series of old and water colors sit comfortable across from Geandy Pavon’s playful political paintings, which are just to the left of Ernesto Pujol’s religious large format photographs.

Aluna Art Foundation featured Beatriz Cortez’s “Fortune Teller Machine,” which prints out a fortune with the press of a button. This cotorra inspired display is one of our favorites! Chequa:

La máquina de la fortuna or The Fortune Teller Machine by Beatriz Cortez is an interactive sculpture elaborated in collaboration with the Kaqchikel Maya collective Kaqjay Moloj

The Pérez Art Museum of Miami, known as PAMM, has quickly become one of the hippest museums in the States. But it’s the fact that they are of Miami and not in spite of Miami that their exhibits are one hit after the other. They smartly anticipated who would be two of the most compelling artists at Basel this season.

If you are in Miami, be sure to stop by and enjoy the work of our creative-at time peculiar in a truly good way- Latino artists.


Article By: Arts & Culture Contributor Aram Is.




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