New Yorkers Are Going Crazy for The New Frose Cocktail


There’s a new warm weather drink sliding out of summer obscurity just in time to liven up your feed — Frose, or frozen rose, is officially the most delicious (and hands down most adorable) drink of 2016. Imagine all of the most delicious parts of summer combined into one fruity cocktail, and that is basically what Frosé is in a nutshell.

Bar Primi in New York is responsible for what might just be the greatest stroke of genius since the dawn of pink wine. According to Justin Sievers, the general manager of Bar Primi, spoke to INSIDER about the inspiration for the drink. According to him, the idea for Frosé was borne from simple curiosity about what would happen to rosé if it were put in the slushie machine. A few test trials later, they had a perfect recipe marrying rosé, vermouth, and strawberries. It’s already so sweet that you don’t even have to bother adding sugar!

Check out this delicious summer concoction below!





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