Ford and I LOVE NEW YORK Kick Off The Summer Encouraging New Yorkers to Escape the City


New Ford Escape and the I LOVE NEW YORK campaign join in a creative collaboration to highlight world-class destinations and attractions across New York State with today’s kickoff of world’s largest Escape the Room drive experience at Skylight at Moynihan Station; event runs through June 24- 26

The Escape the Room Driving Experience will receive I LOVE NEW YORK and Ford-created digital Summer Escape Travel Guides highlighting the state’s diverse vacation regions to help plan their next perfect weekend escape.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo encourages New Yorkers and visitors alike to take advantage of its diverse tourism destinations.

Our Trending Latinos staff were among the first media outlets to  experience the 2017 Ford Escape in a way that’s never been done before – using puzzles and clues to introduce consumers to the latest technology and features of the 2017 Ford Escape – the integrated New York State themed experience incorporates elements from the iconic I LOVE NEW YORK campaign. The kickoff is part of Cuomo’s efforts to grow the state’s economy by boosting the tourism industry.

To further highlight some of the hidden gems and key destinations across the State, Ford and I LOVE NEW YORK are releasing digital Summer Escape Travel Guides featuring weekend and extended getaways that can be best enjoyed in the 2017 Ford Escape.

Article By: A. Jackson

The Ford Escape The Room Experience Opens to The General Public Friday, June 24th-26th. Details Below:





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